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Updates Addressing Jesus

God now calls the U.S. " Christians.."   As an American Jew, that effects me deeply as well, so I've made early readings of all of Jesus's mentions, in my ongoing evolving Prophecy, available here...
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I hope my readers will understand my difficulty speaking about Jesus, as many of the names of the New Testament are unflattering Hebrew words, and one disgusting pair is in an impossible conjugation pattern.  

Common Messiah

Christianity has accepted two Messiahs, through the inclusion of the Old Testament.   The Book of Daniel clearly says, " the End of Days...", the Books of Moses named Jeshurun, and I saw an Aleph of fire and color when I had my vision.  Taking an ancient writing and deleting a specific name, but still presenting the work as cohesive would be illegal anywhere, and for good reason. Many Christian Bibles do exactly that, eliminating my writing name there, but the age of the translations has so far precluded defensive action in the courts.  Maybe modern discoveries of early texts will open up that avenue to integrity through jurisdiction.

Another difficulty with Christianity at-large, is that the names of the Disciples and early leaders are largely Hebrew words, not names.   For instance, Hebrew conjugation places letters in front of root words, or behind, or both, or neither.   I find the form so tough to learn I could never imagine an outside work following that pattern by coincidence (coming soon-click for more).   The apostolic names are mostly militaristic indoctrinations from ancient times, although in paradox they probably kept Jews alive at some point, as well.

Prophets Receive Standardized Heaven-visions

I received my 1983 Biblical vision, which is still mostly indescribable.  Years later I saw a floating candle burning from both ends, which my religion explains.  Shortly after I saw an illumination that matches what Isaiah described as the 'chariot of heaven.'  Finally, I saw an angel that clearly looked standardized.

Moving toward the relatively modern end of the spectrum, I received a mini-vision of being a floating observer over a group of men being crucified, with a glaring problem with one of those men. There was a starkly clean rope wrapped thick around his neck.   The other problem with the perspective was that the entire scene was in sepia. This brought me to reflections of the origin of the white collar worn by Christian priests, and also my efforts to point out Hebrew words are unflattering names in the New Testament.  

In around 2019 my Prophecy had me record 'And G-d threw water at him(me)" seemingly out of nowhere.   Again, thoughts of a 'starkly clean' entered my mind.   Combining the clean rope with the recent 'clean water', I've come to the belief that the true miracle of Jesus was a baby that was cleaned after emergence from the womb by G-d.   I may change my mind.

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