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Archive - These are Fast and Flip Through

Here you'll find original ads, pamphlets, letters to the press, a letter to all U.S. Senators, one to the national religious organizations of the U.S.A., and one to the President, with short descriptions about the circumstances and background surrounding each.

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Sidelines - Both local to the Boston Area and remotely

Ministry Services for Marriage in Massachusetts
Web Design - Can be accomplished remotely by emails, chats, etc.
Computer Repair and Builds
Small Office Establishment - Equipment setup and networking, server administration, etc.
Callcentric VOIP - Save a lot of money if you maintain a home phone.
Lucrative Domains
Office Services - Typing, Faxing, Forms Completion, Applications, Etc.
Twitch Streaming - Seeking Local Partners
Torah Reading on the Sabbath for Patient Locals
Seeking Hebrew Speakers
*also theology, messianic, religious, prophecy, autobiography, dissent, faith

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