Michael Ateek                    -Online Resume

MISSION -   I feel my law proposals found at this website are vital for our children's future, and although I have a pre-defined duty outlined in the Bible involving my prophecy, I see a glaring negligence from our political parties.   For that reason, I consider the idea of running for national office from time to time, despite the fact I'd be a throwback to an age without much formal education.   I've placed this resume online for the exploration of my political aspirations only.   I read electronic emails daily from congressional Quarterly, Governing, National Review, and Washington Post.   I also follow business through two daily emails and technology through several.   I balance them with Hebrew study vital to my Biblical mission.   Any gaps in my work history are stuffed with intense study in a wide variety of areas.

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications - September 1987
Extracurricular activities:
Delta Chi Fraternity; house manager for two years.
Massachusetts Daily Collegian Staff; covered Faculty Senate during my senior year.  Reported on unionization, wrote on off-campus stories; wrote offspring stories.
News-anchor at school radio station WMUA for one and a half years.
Student Senator for one semester (assigned).

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (temporary agencies)
December 2, 2004 - January 11, 2005
Acted as an administrative assistant to an attorney, working in a one on one situation, in a law firm.    Scheduled appointments, and interviewed clients by telephone for initial consultations.    Composed letters and mailings to clients.   Monitored and purchased office supplies.   Opened and filed incoming mail and bills.

July 19, 2001 - August 17, 2001
Answered incoming calls for a credit protection service in a call center.   Handled referrals, extensions of free trial, refunds, and cancellations.

March 16 - April 27, 2001
Acted as a financial counselor, interviewing hospital patients for free care, and Medicaid insurance.   Noted actions on a specialized databank.   Determined final eligibility for free care, and notified the applicants.    Researched other avenues of payment by the customers.

January 8 - February 9, 2001
Operated mutual fund compliance software.    Compiled quarterly reports, using Excel, and Bloomberg programs.   Coordinated with specialists, and supervisors, to ensure standards and timelines were met.

October 16 - November 9, 2000
Incident Management Coordinator, acting as a mediator between customers and service providers, in cases of vehicle damage.   Originated calls to the parties, journalized details, and decided on whose fault, goodwill, or alternative action the dispute would be resolved.

August 30 - October 6, 2000
Missing Information Clerk, for the Loan Origination department of a non-profit corporation.   Used two databases, to identify and document submissions.   Conceived return letters.   Identified and re-classified student loans for withdrawal or reconsideration.

December 1996 - June 2000
Studied and worked in Israel.    Began at a kibbutz factory, and attended a second for language instruction.   Worked for two months each in construction, a factory, a nursing home, a hotel, and a hostel.   Studied language exclusively for six months.    Wrote an informational newsletter, in translated Hebrew and Russian, then circulated to approximately 500 businesses.

May 2004 - October 2009
Volunteered distributing vegetables, bread, cakes, and odd foods to the poor and elderly once a week.    I became the top assistant to the organizer, and replaced her during her occasional absences, accounting for the small fees paid by the clients.

April 2004 - November 24, 2005
Volunteered walking dogs in an animal shelter, four hours a week, which were to be evaluated for adoption, placement, or euthanasia.    Recorded short notes on the canine's behavior during those walks, regarding impressions about training and personality.    Also spent part of that time as a companion to cats in the shelter for the same reason.

U.S. Army, 3/5 Air Cavalry, Fort Lewis, WA, 1982 - 1983

Other Noteable Activities
After College:
Hiked/toured the southern United States, visiting Mexico, major cities, and wilderness areas.   Winterized a summer cottage, replacing copper piping, insulating, weatherproofing, painting, installing windows and attic stairs, and improving the electrical system.
May 1987 - December 1987:   Studied near the Lubavitch Rebbe in Brooklyn, NY.

During Needham High School in Massachusetts:
1979 - 1981:   Decatur-Hopkins;   Work leader and lift-fork operator in a union warehouse.
January 1978 - June 1979:   SMA Controls;   Apprentice pneumatic tool maker; prep tool, valve systems.
September 1977 - December 1977:   K & L Machine Co.;   Metal machine shop assistant.

Early Skills and Hobbies:
Soccer, Basketball, Street-hockey, Reading, Rock Music, Dog Training, Internet Chat