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Letter to the U.S. Senate

I felt compelled to write all of the U.S. Senate in 2016.   I used a government database of addresses from a .gov page to make the mass mailing easier.   I only work with databases once a year or so, and that one broke partially, after a senator with "Jr." in his name, if my memory serves me.   I don't know whether to blame myself or their software, but my records may be faulty.   I individualized several of the letters, like to Bernie Sanders, and one of my own Senators, but hopefully this is the letter all the others were sent by U.S. mail.
Christians are responsible for calling me a Prophet, and possibly a second Messiah, so I wrote about damaging rumors of the term Angel surrounding my name.   Actually, Islam does call me an Angel, with blessings, because they aren't directly addressed in my Prophecy, and are therefore allowed that distancing.   That also might be symbolic of Israel's size compared to the Islamic world, since that appears proportional to the standard size Angel shown to Prophets, and strict Quran grants the ancient land of Israel to Israel eternally. (*also Koran )

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