Psalm of Jeshurun 

The L-rd reigneth fire unto the earth, 
G-d shall reign down in a mighty thunder, 
That destroyeth a thousand in it's path.

My L-rd shall be heard in the four corners, 
My L-rd shall speak unto the isles, 
All the inhabitants in the path shall know My wrath. 

My L-rd shall crash asunder those of evil, 
My L-rd shall command no heretics, 
My L-rd shall have H-s way. 

No more shall man be feared in his daily life, 
The downtrodden shall be heard, 
And those that cause affliction shall be as chaff in the wind. 

The L-rd is forgiving and kind unto these days, 
Then shall the L-rd weave a path, 
And evil shall no longer flee,
And the heretic shall no longer find a place. 

The lights shall turn out on your ways, 
No more shall you know the lusts of another way. 

O L-rd, Thou art my place, 
Thou art my pulse and my breath, 
My soul as a servant of Your truth, 
May I be confident and sure in Your blessings.

Michael Ateek  USA 1990, 1991 
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